Outdoor Phase of Your Local Club Ad Campaign Launches Today

Relevant for Directors, CEOs, Marketing Managers

Member clubs are advised that ClubsNSW has launched the outdoor phase of the Your local club advertising campaign. 

Printed advertisements on the side panels of buses commence today, with up to 900 buses featuring the ads throughout NSW. Each bus panel captures a key moment from the TV advertisements to tie the campaign together. If you have any enquiries in relation to the distribution of buses in your region, please email the ClubsNSW Marketing team at [email protected]

Over the weekend, the 30-second Your local clubwhere love belongs ad entered the market once again throughout the state on free-to-air TV channels, as well as Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD), Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), online digital and social media. This burst will run up until 14 February to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  

ClubsNSW is also excited to share the final 15-second cut-down versions of the three original ads, highlighting the themes of love, friendship and celebration, as well as another three versions centred around veterans, sport and Christmas day in clubs. All ads can now be viewed here

As mentioned in Circular 24-005, the TV ads each feature a rendition of Perry Como’s much-loved hit Magic Moments. To ensure the audience’s recall of the ads, each version begins with the song’s iconic whistling introduction.    

A reminder that to support the new campaign, ClubsNSW has also created advertising materials for clubs to display in their venues. We encourage member clubs to download the advertising materials here.  

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